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How much wrap coverage are you looking for?

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Center Your Vehicle in the frame

Make sure they are level

Get a good quality image

Include each side of the vehicle

This is a vehicle that is going to be wrapped at C.P. Richards Signs
Rear of a Mercedes Printer Van that is going to be wrapped in vinyl for a fleet wrap at c.p. richards signs
Vehicle Registration photos that meet the requirements for C.P. Richards signs vehcile wraps.
White Van that is going to be wrapped at C.P. Richards Signs

Provide High-Quality Photos: Please submit clear and high-resolution images of your vehicle. These photos are essential for insuring precise and accurate design placement. We will need a photo of each side of your vehicle, these photos must be taken level, with the vehicle centered. Please review the examples shown on this page or review the blogs here to get more information.

these are photos that we cannot use for vehicle wraps, they are bad photos that wont work well for wrapping a vehicle.
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