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Best Color Change Options for your Vehicle

Vehicle wraps come in a variety of options to suit different preferences and styles. Here are some of the types of vehicle wrap options. Check out the color change options and if you don't see exactly what you want, just ask! We will find the perfect wrap for your vehicle.

The choice of vehicle wrap depends on your personal style, the type of vehicle, and the intended purpose (e.g., branding, protection, aesthetics). Our professional installers can help you select the right wrap material and finish to achieve the desired look for your vehicle.


High Gloss Color Change Options:

High gloss wraps have a very shiny and reflective surface. They provide a polished and eye-catching appearance, making the vehicle stand out.


Gloss Color Change Options:

Gloss wraps are also shiny but have a slightly less reflective finish compared to high gloss wraps. They offer a sleek and vibrant appearance.


Matte Color Change Options:

Matte wraps have a non-reflective, flat finish. They provide a smooth, understated, and contemporary look. Matte wraps are popular for luxury and exotic cars.


Satin Color Change Options:

Satin wraps have a finish that falls between gloss and matte. They offer a subtle sheen and a stylish, smooth appearance.


Texture Color Change Options:

Textured wraps introduce unique textures to the vehicle's surface. These can include carbon fiber, brushed metal, leather, and other textures for added visual and tactile interest.


Color Flip Color Change Options:

Color flip wraps, also known as color-changing wraps, are designed to change appearance depending on the viewing angle and lighting conditions. They often shift between two or more colors to create a dynamic and eye-catching effect.


Other Awesome Color Change Options:

  • Chrome: Chrome wraps are highly reflective and mirror-like. They provide a bold, attention-grabbing appearance and are often used for accents and highlights rather than full vehicle coverage.

  • Custom Graphics: In addition to solid color options, vehicle wraps can feature custom graphics, designs, and branding. These can include logos, patterns, images, and more.

  • Printed Wraps: Printed wraps allow for full-color graphics and designs, making it possible to wrap a vehicle with intricate and personalized artwork, advertising, or branding.

  • Textured Vinyl: Textured vinyl wraps can replicate the appearance of materials like carbon fiber, brushed metal, wood grain, and more, adding a tactile and visual dimension to the vehicle's surface.

  • Racing Stripes: Racing stripes are a classic design choice and can come in various colors, widths, and styles to enhance the vehicle's sporty aesthetic.

  • Stone Guard or Clear Bra: These wraps are clear or nearly transparent and are primarily used to protect a vehicle's paint from rock chips, road debris, and minor abrasions.

  • Chameleon Wraps: Chameleon wraps exhibit a color-shifting effect as the viewing angle changes, creating a striking and dynamic appearance.

  • Metallic Color Change Options: Metallic wraps incorporate metallic flakes or particles into the wrap material, giving the vehicle a metallic or sparkly appearance that can catch and reflect light.

  • Pearlescent Color Change Options: Pearlescent wraps have a subtle shimmer and color-shifting effect due to the inclusion of pearlescent pigments in the material. They can create a unique and captivating look.

If you are interested in any of these style wraps, please contact our team to get started.

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