Our Design Services

Where Quality Meets Your Art’s Desire

C.P. Richards Signs’ designers were born with an artistic eye and a creative drive—and since 1948 we have been extending the resourcefulness of our expertise for businesses across San Diego to help companies captivate customers near and far. So explore our signage design services to see how our team can help you establish your company’s professionalism within your community and leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

Vehicle Wraps

If you’re looking to accelerate your brand’s awareness and drive the success of your business forward, then turn toward our vehicle wrap services. From a full wrap to a partial wrap, our team excels at revving up vehicle designs that shift potential customers’ attention to your lane.

Custom Signs & Banners

Your company will stand out from the competition when you choose an eye-catching sign design with C.P. Richards’ custom sign and banner services. With us, you’ll be sure to stop customers in their tracks.

Logo Design

You only get one chance at making a first impression—and with our logo design services, we can help you make it the right one. From starting with a blank canvas to tweaking an existing design, our team will help you create a stand-out logo that you’re proud to stand behind.

Real Estate & Property Management Signs

With our real estate and property management sign services, our team will work with you to create a sign that makes potential renters and buyers feel at home before they even step foot through your building’s door.


Write away your brand awareness worries with our stationery design services. From printing your own design to creating stationery that suits your brand, it’s written in ink that, with C.P. Richards’ team on your side, your finished product will be flawless—and effective.

Trade Show Displays

Why let your company fit in when it was born to stand out? At C.P. Richards, our trade show display service will give your business the leverage it needs to stand out from the sea of your competitors at any expo.

Sign Installation

There’s more behind creating a great sign than what meets—and catches—the eye. It takes dependable sign installation, too. Luckily, C.P. Richards’ sign installation service is the finishing touch for your project to bring your vision—and your business—to life.