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C.P. Richards utilizes top-of-the-line technology, including the Boss Laser Engraver, to offer a wide range of engraving services for your business, team, family, and more. Here's a list of items that can be engraved with precision and quality by C.P. Richards Signs:

  • Trophies and Awards: Engrave personalized awards and trophies to recognize outstanding achievements.

  • Nameplates: Custom nameplates for offices, desks, and doors to create a professional and organized workspace.

  • Acrylic and Glass: Engrave logos, text, or artwork on acrylic and glass surfaces for a polished and elegant look.

  • Metal: Precision engraving on metal items like plaques, keychains, and identification tags.

  • Wood: Create personalized wooden signs, cutting boards, and gift items with intricate engraving.

  • Cups and Drinkware: Custom engraving on cups, mugs, and glassware for a unique and personal touch.

  • Gift Items: Engrave personal messages or designs on gifts such as picture frames, jewelry, or keepsakes.

  • Promotional Products: Personalize promotional items like pens, USB drives, or corporate gifts with your logo or message.

  • Corporate Branding: Engraving corporate logos on various items to reinforce your brand identity.

  • Team and Sports Awards: Engrave sports awards, team logos, and athlete names for recognition and motivation.

  • Wedding and Special Occasions: Customize wedding favors, anniversary gifts, or special event mementos.

  • Personalized Signage: Create unique and personalized signs for your business or property.

  • Custom Projects: C.P. Richards is open to unique and custom engraving projects to meet your specific needs.

C.P. Richards Signs is dedicated to delivering high-quality, personalized engraving solutions. We offer quantity discounts and specialty pricing for bulk orders, making it cost-effective for businesses and organizations. Whether you need engraved items for branding, awards, gifts, or special occasions, we're ready to bring your vision to life. Contact C.P. Richards today to get started on your custom engraving project and experience the precision and expertise our technology can offer. Call today 1-619-596-7446


908 Fesler Street

El Cajon, CA 92020




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