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What Type of Signage Do I Need for My Restaurant?

Opening your restaurant is a monumental occasion, and you want to make sure that you have all the right ingredients to keep going for years to come. Attracting those hungry customers is your key to success, and having the appropriate signage will attract the loyal customers you need to thrive. 

How do you choose the right signs for your restaurant, you might ask? It starts with knowing the different types of signage and how they can impact your business. If you want to advertise your restaurant and not miss out on any potential customers, outfit your establishment with a multitude of different options that inform your customers and add a bit of flair.

Outdoor Signs

It all starts with outdoor signs, right? Outdoor signs are a necessity and allow you to draw engagement and establish your brand in the minds of multiple customers. There are many different options, including banners, flags, channel letters, sign cabinets, and even outdoor menus, especially in heavy walking locations.

Signs and banners for your business are made from durable and long-lasting materials like cast vinyl and calendar vinyl. They can all help your restaurant establish a lasting presence in everyone’s minds. We all remember the familiar locations from our childhood because of that huge or catchy banner or the giant channel letters outside of the building. A good flag does the same thing and is perfect for long-distance viewers. You can hang one on top of your restaurant or in an elevated location, and their customizability means you can get different sizes depending on your needs. 

Window Graphics

Are you looking for additional advertising space, or just trying to make a solid impression on foot traffic? Window graphics are a great way to provide basic restaurant information that you probably wouldn’t include on a banner, flag, or outdoor menu. You can place window graphics on your front door, street-facing windows, or even inside if you want to add a logo to a couple of interior locations. Window graphics can also be any size, so using a massive, eye-catching window graphic can provide customers with a bit of privacy from the outside without completely blocking their views. 

Digital Signs

If you really want your restaurant to pop, consider going digital with your interior signage. Digital restaurant signs are great customizable options as you can change the messaging at any point. Some of our favorite means of interior digital signage are digital menu boards. You can have these on display throughout your bar or restaurant and showcase some of the latest specials you are offering on a given day.

Wall Murals

Murals can be a creative design for your logo, show how your food is made, or offer an explanation of the history of your restaurant. Including a few wall murals can add some artistic flair to the exterior or interior of your restaurant. Outdoor murals are a great way to draw eyes to your restaurant and establish a unique identity. Some restaurants even ask to receive custom designs from customers as a way to connect more with the community. 

Safety Signs

Important signs for your restaurant don’t just include means of advertising. Safety is an essential and heavily regulated part of a restaurant building, and different types of signs are necessary for communicating important safety messages and locations. Examples of safety signs include:

  • General safety signs (fire exit locations, alcohol restrictions, fire extinguisher location)
  • Hygiene signs (Handwashing and food prep info)
  • First Aid signs (AED defibrillator location)
  • Certificates/Licenses (liquor license, health inspections, other permits)

Let’s Get Started on the Perfect Sign for You!

Regardless of what type of indoor or outdoor signage you’re looking for, C.P. Richards has got you covered. Whether it’s banners, window graphics, wall murals, or any other informative signs or custom graphics in San Diego, we have the expertise that’s sure to take your restaurant to the next level. 

Don’t wait! Contact us, and let’s bring in the loyal customers you deserve!

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