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How Important Are Wall Decor for Your Office?

When decorating your office, you want to consider different factors when you begin your office wall design. Not only do the choices made with the wall décor affect how your visitors view your space when they visit, but it can have far-reaching effects on your team’s overall productivity. 

You might wonder how office wall decor can have such a dramatic effect on your team’s productivity. Dating back to the principles of Feng Shui, how a given room gets decorated can have a dramatic impact on the people who spend the most time in that particular room or office. 

Colorful Productivity

Whether you’re reporting every day to a modern office or you’re trying to redefine your home office design, the colors you pick for your walls affect the people who spend the majority of their workdays inside. Your employees look at the office spaces they spend most of their time in and if the colors are drab — think beige, dark grays, or bland white — feelings of depression and sadness can settle in among your team. 

While scientific studies have shown that specific colors can impact your overall mood, it has also been shown that particular colors can affect your productivity levels. Office managers looking to give their space a new look should consider picking brighter and complementary colors that help spark creativity in their team members. Additionally, greens and blues can help improve focus and efficiency over time with their soothing qualities. 

Bright and vibrant reds help increase heart rates, draw the eye’s attention, and inspire great passion in people who see the color. For offices, reds can help draw attention to inspirational wall decals that can encourage them to tackle their day with vigor. 

The Value of Wall Art

While color choice directly impacts your employees and visitors alike, practical applications of wall art and decals livens up your space and give people something new to look at during the day. You can customize these wall decals to shout out parts of your brand that you want visitors to know about as soon as they walk in your doors. The right decal can set your desired tone and help lead your customers down the right path towards sales and conversions. 

Wall signs that simply impart information lack the vibrancy and immediacy that keep customers engaged throughout the sales process. Additionally, if your lobby or waiting area has boring walls that create feelings of disinterest, impatience, and discomfort, anyone visiting your space will start their experience off on the wrong foot. 

Establishing Office Culture

Whether it’s a brand new startup or an established business with decades of experience, company culture remains one of the most crucial components of office life. Having a clear understanding of your organization’s culture, values, and priorities can keep your team’s focus on where you need to and help emphasize what makes your company unique. 

Your wall’s color scheme and wall decor choices can help establish these values early on while giving your team something to latch onto during their workdays. Using a combination of wall decals, murals, and art can help form a clear identity for your team and business as a whole. 

Establishing a clear company identity with wall art and decals might seem like something you can put on the back burner, but paying attention to these seemingly minor details can pay dividends. Emphasizing what customers and clients first see when they walk through your doors can help show them what makes your team unique. Clear and concise branding can also potentially help with your recruiting efforts when new potential hires come in for interviews. 

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