What Makes a Great Real Estate Sign?

With a highly competitive real estate market, you need to have signage that helps you stand out from the local competition. Creating an engaging open house sign can help bring more people to your listing and increase the likelihood of getting someone into their dream home.

However, while anyone can make a real estate sign, not everyone can make a GREAT one that drives people to engage and visit your property. CP Richards Signs offers custom real estate signs in San Diego that have helped real estate professionals increase traffic to their properties.

Residential and commercial real estate agents reside in a highly competitive industry. They need to create the proper signage that helps foster feelings of trust and encourage people to come to you and your property. The anatomy of a great real estate sign can change from community to community. However, they all share some common characteristics from which you can take inspiration for your signs. 

Pick the Right Design Style

The goal of any real estate yard sign is to attract attention. The beauty of custom real estate signs revolves around the fact you can choose exactly what it looks like from a potential buyer’s perspective. While a colonial-style post became the traditional and most common style, you have additional for sale sign options. 

Some of the most popular and visually engaging sign styles include:

  • H-Frame Stake
  • Frame 
  • A-Frame
  • Vinyl Window Clings
  • Feather Flags

Every option has its unique visual style and medium to convey the essential information you want to share. Choosing the one that best fits your target audience and neighborhood can help drive engagement and bring more eyes to your listings.

Branding Matters

When people come across a real estate open house, they want to ensure they’re dealing with trusted realtors that won’t try to scam them. With the right approach to your realtor signs and open house yard signs, you can showcase your authority and trustworthiness with a few professional design choices. 

Including your realty group’s logo, brand colors, and essential contact information provides potential clients with the information they need to do their due diligence on your practice. You will also want to use a sign template that emphasizes readability instead of overly stylistic flourishes. Ideally, anybody passing by will walk away with the crucial information about you and your contact information instead of being confused by what they saw on the sign’s metal frame. 

Choose Readable Fonts

Legibility remains a crucial component of signs across every medium. From emails, online advertisements, and custom open house signs, you want to choose a font that is easy to read and comprehend at a glance. Anything too distracting or difficult to read can lead to people dismissing your sign and continuing on with their daily business. 

Make Good Use of White Space

Sometimes the best approach for a double-sided real estate sign comes from not trying to overcrowd the available space. Instead of trying to fit different graphics, information, and design flourishes in an attempt to stand out, try utilizing white space to create a clean look. You avoid information overload, deliver the necessary information, and leave a lasting impact. 

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Your sign’s color scheme has a significant impact on the overall effectiveness of your custom signage. Picking clashing colors can bring attention away from the information you need people to walk away with and leave a bad first impression. Choosing complementary colors can help make your sign a joy to read and leave a good and long-lasting impression. 

Make Better Use of Your Sign Rider

Sign riders can provide helpful information to people walking past your property listing; however, depending on the rider’s size, it can be more challenging to read than you realize. With smaller sign riders, reading from a distance becomes troublesome, and drivers have an even worse chance of seeing what they need. Utilizing a swing-style sign frame with a modular sign rider can help you increase your chances of getting the attention of passersby you want. 

Turn to CP Richards for Your Signage Needs

Finding the right custom sign company to create your new and engaging signs becomes crucial for all real estate agents and agencies. You need to elevate your signs to the next level to remain competitive in the California real estate market. CP Richards Signs is here to help! Our team has the knowledge and experience you need to make your signs as memorable as possible. 

Contact us to get the sign and banner printing process in San Diego started today!

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