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Vinyl runs the world of signage

Vinyl isn't just a record player's best friend; it's a signmaker's secret weapon! The versatility of vinyl allows for a stunning range of signage solutions. Imagine transforming your company vehicles into mobile advertisements with eye-catching wraps. Vinyl can also be applied directly to Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) panels, creating durable and weather-resistant building signs. For a sleek and modern look, vinyl can be used on both the first and second surfaces of glass doors and windows, allowing for creative layering and design. And of course, there's classic acrylic signage. Vinyl lets you customize acrylic with vibrant colors, logos, and text, creating high-impact displays that elevate any space. So next time you see a sign, remember, there's a good chance vinyl played a part in bringing that message to life.

features of using 3m

  • 3M has a long history of innovation and is widely recognized for producing high-quality vinyl films for various applications, including car wrapping. We trust the 3M brand for its reliability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, fading, and wear-and-tear, ensuring the longevity and performance of their signage solutions.

  • Wide Range of Film Options: 3M offers a diverse selection of vinyl wrapping films with a variety of finishes, textures, and performance characteristics. This allows our team to choose the most suitable material for each project. For instance, 3M might offer films specifically designed for complex curves on vehicles, superior conformability for textured surfaces, or high-reflectivity for increased nighttime visibility.

  • Proven Track Record and Warranty: We rely on brands we know and trust, and 3M has a well-established reputation in the signage industry. Their products often come with strong warranties, providing peace of mind for our team and our clients regarding the expected lifespan and performance of the vinyl wraps. This is abundantly important for high-profile signage projects or those in demanding environments.

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cast vinyl

The unique flexibility of our materials makes it easy to adapt the exterior or interior of all sorts of buildings and spaces. Keeping up with corporate identity changes or new brand campaigns requires materials that can be removed and replaced easily and quickly. Our pressure-sensitive materials provide the perfect solution, while our vast network of partners can help get the job done right.


  • Vehicle Wraps with Curves: Cast vinyl excels at conforming to complex shapes on vehicles. This allows C.P. Richards Signs to create flawless wraps for clients, even on cars with intricate designs, spoilers, or deep curves.

  • High-Quality Indoor Signage: Many Avery Dennison cast vinyl options offer superior printability and stability. This translates to vibrant, high-resolution graphics that maintain their quality over time. C.P. Richards Signs can recommend this material for clients who need impactful indoor signage like lobby signs or product displays.

  • Temporary & Removable Signage: Some Avery Dennison cast vinyl films are designed for easy removal without leaving residue. This makes them ideal for temporary projects like window decals or event banners. C.P. Richards Signs can promote this benefit to clients who need short-term signage solutions or flexibility to remove and replace signs without damaging surfaces.


window tint

Nano-ceramic Window Tint

Metallic Window Tint

Dyed Window Tint

  • Superior Performance: XPEL utilizes cutting-edge nano-ceramic technology in its window and light tint films. This translates to unmatched heat rejection, superior UV protection, and exceptional clarity compared to traditional dyed films. For PPF, XPEL's self-healing top coat offers unmatched protection against scratches and minor abrasions.

  • Unmatched Protection: XPEL's PPF goes beyond aesthetics. It acts as an invisible shield, safeguarding your car's paint from scratches, chips, environmental damage, and even staining caused by bird droppings or insect splatter.

  • Exceptional Clarity & Customization: XPEL offers a wide range of window and light tint options, from virtually undetectable films to those providing significant privacy. This allows you to tailor the level of tint to your specific needs and aesthetic preferences while maintaining exceptional clarity.


the wallpaper of your dreams

  • Removable & Repositionable: Unlike traditional vinyl, DreamScape Wraps use a special adhesive that allows for easy removal and reapplication without damaging walls or losing stickiness.

  • Durable & Easy to Install: Made with a thicker 3-ply construction, DreamScape Wraps are more durable, easier to install, and hide minor wall imperfections compared to thinner vinyl options.

  • Versatile & Safe: The unique adhesive works on various surfaces, including low VOC paints. Caviar and Ravello textures are slip-resistant and fire-rated for safe floor applications.

Image by Akshar Dave🌻

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