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How to Create Amazing Window Graphics

Smart business owners know that effective window graphics can bring people through their doors and convert them into loyal customers. At C.P. Richards, we specialize in eye-catching window graphics for windows of all shapes and sizes and for all kinds of messaging.

Need a long-term window graphic that promotes your brand, your hours or your specific services? We can do that. Need a short-term window graphic that touts a special sales event or seasonal promotion? We can do that, too!

Here are just some of the factors you need to consider when we work with you on designing your window graphic.

  • Transparency. You have three choices here: clear, frosted or opaque. With clear window graphics, natural light will pour in and visibility will be clear for those both inside and outside your store. If you would like a certain level of privacy, frosted window graphics are the choice for you. And if you prefer to restrict visibility from the outside looking in (or the inside looking out), opaque makes the most sense.
  • Design. We understand that most businesses have specific requirements for color and design in order to stay true to their brand. At C.P. Richards, we will work with you to make sure your window graphic meets your specifications.
  • Color Contrast Value. This affects how easily the text in your graphic can be read—both up close and from a distance. For window graphics, we recommend a value of at least 70 on color contrast charts. If you are including images on your window, the baseline dots per inch (DPI) is 72, but 300 DPI is often recommended.
  • Size and Font. In most cases, we recommend the “less is more” approach for your window graphics, especially if you want your text and images to be seen by pedestrians and those who pass by your business in vehicles. We can also help you choose the font that will attract the most attention.
  • Materials. Your choices here are vinyl decals and static clings. Vinyl decals are best for long-term signs that can withstand sun damage or outside weather conditions. Static clings are best for short-term signs (roughly six months) that don’t need to be quite as durable. Clings are super easy to install and remove.

At C.P. Richards Signs, we love working with businesses to create window graphics that help them showcase their brands and grow their businesses. We’re also the experts with the skills and training to help you with all of your graphic and sign needs, including sign printing in San Diego and nearby.

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