Is It Time to Update Your Business Sign?

Our Professionals Weigh In on Why the Answer Could Be YES

There’s an old saying: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is especially true when it comes to representing your company with signage and brand awareness. Many times, business owners get so wrapped up in their day-to-day operations that something as important as a company sign gets lost in the shuffle. At C.P. Richards, we’re here to remind you to always keep up with the times when it comes to your business signs. After all, there will come a day when updating your current signage will be essential. Without fresh branding and messaging, you could lose customer attention and sales.

Do a Check-In With Your Sign

If you have an outdoor sign, when was the last time it was updated? If your answer is never, you could be losing potential customers. One of the first rules in signage is to be sure it communicates your message clearly and immediately. If not, guess what? Business could easily go to your competitor. The good news is that today’s signs are bold, bright, custom-made and even available in lighted letters signs to shout your brand from the rooftops. Wondering if it’s time to upgrade your sign? Here are six reasons you should:

1. Mother Nature has taken its toll.

Signs that look old and weather beaten offer no flash or real attraction. Who wants to do business with a company that’s expressing something old and outdated? A worn sign can send the wrong message to potential customers— that you’re outdated, too!

2. Your sign is difficult to read.

There are many reasons your sign may be difficult to read. It could be the result of weather erosion, lettering choices or your color scheme. If clients have said they can’t read your sign, it’s time to upgrade.

3. It is in a poor location.

If your sign isn’t located in a prominent spot, you’re missing out on potential business. The pros at C.P. Richards Signs can help boost your visibility. Just call us!

4. Your sign is creating brand confusion.

If your sign isn’t clearly reflective of your brand, it isn’t doing its job. We have the experience and skills to avoid brand confusion with a sign that sends the right message!

5. Your sign has broken, damaged or peeling parts.

Yikes! Is there anything more unappealing than a broken or damaged sign? This is not the message you want to send. Fix that sign and update your color and design so your brand is on point.

6. The company name on your sign is outdated.

Don’t laugh! Sometimes companies grow and change without updating the signage on the outside of their stores. This is a huge deterrent to new customers, but it’s not the end of the world when C.P. Richards Signs is by your side. Our pros can easily create a modern design that will clearly express your business message.

So, Are You Ready for a Sign Facelift?

If you’re finally on board for that signage makeover, our team at C.P. Richards would be happy to help. We have skilled designers who can update your sign or create an entirely new one—whatever you need! Lean on us for help with any of the following ideas: updated design and graphics; color schemes; updated size, shape and height; illumination—and so much more! As always, our team is available for all of your sign printing, custom signs, vehicle wraps, custom wall murals and more!

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