Are Illuminated Signs a Smart Business Idea?

That Answer Is a Resounding YES!

Even as COVID-19 continues to interrupt our daily outings and keeps many of us at home, there’s one thing people still do regularly: drive. And what does that mean for you as a business owner? It means potential customers can still be wowed and amazed by what they see each and every day on their daily commutes. And this includes your business sign, too! So if you’re considering upgrading with an illuminated business sign, the time couldn’t be more perfect. Here are five reasons a lighted letters sign is a terrific idea when it comes to drawing attention to your brand.

1. Longer (and more awesome) visibility

When you choose lighted letter signs or illuminated channel letters to showcase your business, you’re capitalizing on a 24-hour marketing opportunity. Think about it. The one issue with unlit signs is that your message goes dark once the sun goes down. Neon, fluorescent or LED signs allow your brand to shine through the darkness—and attract potential customers traveling at night.

2. Budget friendly

If you decide to light your sign with LED rather than fluorescent bulbs, you can save yourself some serious bucks. Since LEDs use about 80% less energy than their counterparts, they’re a pretty great low-energy solution for business signs. Added bonus: LED bulbs don’t contain hazardous material, so they’re also environmentally friendly.

3. Low maintenance

Lighted letter signs and illuminated channel letters allow you time to run your business without worrying about your signage. Why? Because lighted signs are built to last and made to weather all kinds of outdoor elements. Choose lighting that uses LED bulbs and you’ll rarely have to change the bulbs, too!

4. Many options

The best thing about lighted signs is you have many options. If you can’t decide, that’s where C.P. Richards Signs comes into play. We can offer professional opinions on the best-lighted sign for your particular business. Choose from LEDs, neon, front lit, back lit, box lights, fluorescent and so much more.

5. Better all-around lighting

If you choose LEDs for your business sign, you’re almost guaranteed less worry and all-around superior lighting. LEDs for your lighted letter signs offer constant brightness and won’t flicker or die out. And business owners know there is nothing that deters potential customers more than a broken or half-lit sign. At C.P. Richards Signs, our team will make certain all of your lighted signs remain in stellar condition!

Let Us Help You Light the Way

When you own your own company, you have a great deal of responsibility. So, when the time comes for an updated sign for your company, let our pros at C.P. Richards Signs do all of the hard work so you can focus on operating your business. Simply tell us your wants and needs—whether it’s an illuminated channel letters sign, a wall graphic or a custom banner. Our sign experts are here to help make your brand shine!

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