A Stunning Monument Sign Will Lay the Foundation …

For Effective Signage at Your Next Building Project

If you’re a builder or property owner who wants to make a bold statement at the entranceway to a development, a monument sign is a smart choice. Monument signs are eye-catching and also helpful when placed at the entrance to subdivisions, corporate offices, business parks, medical facilities, schools, churches and more.

The team at C.P. Richards Signs has been designing, creating and installing monument signs for clients throughout El Cajon and the rest of California for nearly 75 years. With that kind of experience and skill, you simply can’t go wrong. Our monument signs are available in a huge variety of designs and background colors. If you’re looking for accents on the base or columns, you can choose from brick finishes or faux stone. We also offer cut metal letters, which you can place on one side—or both.

These are just some of the monument sign options we offer:

  • High density urethane (HDU) foam monument sign with raised metal letters. These signs are extremely popular because they’re durable and lightweight. They feature an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core that is sealed for strength and durability with a thick polyurethane hard coat. This process protects your sign from damage caused by termites, moisture, rot and more. 
  • Monumental sign with cut metal or fabricated stainless-steel letters. You can choose from stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, Cor-Ten steel and more. We can provide you with letters in a wide range of thicknesses and widths, too. Call us to explore the possibilities!
  • Fabricated aluminum monument signs. When you choose this option, the aluminum box can be painted using your desired color palette. You can also opt for accents or detailed trim work. The lettering can be raised cut metal and non-illuminated or reverse-cut and illuminated with LEDs.
  • Monumental sign with backlit stainless-steel letters. This choice allows you to create a dramatic halo lighting effect on a monument sign wall. High-quality, low-voltage LED modules are positioned inside the channel letters. The letters are then floated from the wall using spacers during installation. The results are simply breathtaking!

We can partner with you for all of the signage needs at your latest project. From window decoration to directional signs and more, C.P Richards is the team you can count on to design, create and install eye-catching, helpful signs to address your needs.

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