6 Reasons Why Great In-Store Signs Are Game Changers

C.P. Richards Can Help You Create a Winning Strategy

The business sign outside of your restaurant, clothing store, candle shop or other retail enterprise says an awful lot about your establishment. It can impress those who pass by and motivate them to come inside. Or it can turn them off and send them scurrying away.

At C.P. Richards Signs, we specialize in creating business signs for San Diego and nearby businesses that are definite crowd pleasers. However, as a business owner, your outdoor sign is just part of an effective strategy to attract customers and make those cash registers sing. You also need eye-catching, powerful signage inside your business.

Here are just some important facts to consider when developing or revisiting your indoor business sign efforts:

  1. A whopping 68 percent of shoppers believe a store’s signs reflect the quality of their business and their products. Translation: Effective signs generate sales. You need to make sure the signs inside of your establishment are appealing, easy to understand and engaging.
  2. After seeing an ad on a digital (electronic) sign, one out of five people made a purchase that wasn’t planned. Making digital signs part of your indoor shopping experience can be an extremely rewarding decision. For example, a quick service restaurant might use a digital sign to promote the “Special of the Day” or a clothing shop might use it to draw attention to a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deal.
  3. Just one added in-store sign can increase your annual sales revenue by 4.75 percent. That should be strong motivation to increase indoor signage. If one sign can create this result, imagine what even more signs can accomplish. Along with the number of your in-store signs, you also should consider the types of signs. Many business owners find that floor and wall graphics can have a positive impact on their bottom lines, too.
  4. Roughly 75 percent of Americans have told someone else about a business because of its signage. Fun, interesting signs get people talking—especially when your signs are shared on social media channels. When your customers spread the word about your business, they do the heavy lifting for you. Plus, it can generate more traffic inside of your store.
  5. Most purchase decisions—75 percent—are made inside the store. With that in mind, you want to make the in-store experience for your customers as pleasant as possible. You want to give them plenty of enticing reasons to make purchases—and great signage can help with those efforts.

At C.P. Richards, we’re experts at designing and producing in-store signs that will wow your customers and boost your sales. We also specialize in custom graphics in the San Diego area. Call C.P. Richards today at 888.596.7446 or contact us through our website to discuss your in-store signs or other sign projects. We can’t wait to get started!

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