5 Vehicle Wrap Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

Do These—And Your Business Will Boom!

As a business owner, your No.1 goal is getting your company to thrive and become successful. To do this, you need to invest time and money into your advertising. In today’s fast-paced world, one of the very best ways to market your company is through the use of vehicle wraps. After all, everyone drives—so there’s no better way to expand your market than by putting your logo and brand on your service vehicles.

However, simply slapping your brand on the side of your trucks isn’t enough. In fact, poorly designed truck wraps with ill-placed logos and unreadable contact information can be a total negative for your business. It’s important to do it right from the start. Otherwise, you could get labeled as “that company with the ugly looking truck.” At C.P. Richards Signs, we can help put your company on the map! Just as we design custom wall murals for your company office, we can also put that same design on the side of a vehicle!

Ready to Wrap and Roll?

Here are five important factors that are essential to any vehicle wrap success.

Brand name and logo

Obviously, your brand name and logo should be front and center. They are the first things customers see when your vehicle passes by. You’ll want to be sure your font is legible, large and clear—and it should complement your logo. When you hire C.P. Richards to handle these details, your brand will stand out as a winner 100% of the time.

Your services

While it should remain brief, a list of services is a necessary mention on the side of a truck, too. Some companies, such as an HVAC business, might already have their services in their name (Ex. Jiffy Home Heating and Cooling), while others may require a short bulleted list. Be clear and concise and you can’t go wrong.

A clearly displayed tagline

A great tagline not only lives with your brand and reflects it as a whole, but it highlights your business personality, too. If you have a tagline, don’t forget to display it properly on your vehicle wrap. As always, C.P. Richards can outline a carefully designed truck wrap that displays your tagline in an effective manner.  

Brand colors

If you already have a brand, you probably designed it around colors that made it pop. Don’t forget that it’s critical to remain consistent with your brand colors throughout your marketing plan. From stationery and business cards to shirts and truck wraps, it’s essential to keep those colors exactly the same. Colors give your brand an identity that people remember.

Contact information

Once you’ve caught a customer’s eye with your brightly colored wrap and amazing brand, you’ll want to be sure potential clients know how to reach you when they need your services. Be sure your contact information is clearly displayed on your wrap in clean, readable font. Include your phone number and an easy-to-remember URL.

That’s a Wrap! Call C.P. Richards for Professional Truck Wrap Services!

Our experts at C.P. Richards know how to make brands shine. If you’re in the market for a new custom sign or banner, professional truck wrap, logo design or lighted letters sign, C.P. Richards is the seasoned sign professional company that can make your business shine. Call our office today at 888.596.7446 to see how we can help you!

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